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10 Facts About Fleas You Need to Know Urgently

Pest Control

May 17, 2021

Have been looking for natural flea treatment Shepparton? Let’s dive into the basics first!

What are fleas?

Fleas are pests that usually attack and attach themselves to pets for survival and reproduction. They hide in the fur of pets (including dogs, cats and rabbits) and live on their blood. The fur protects the flea infestation from getting noticed and also carries their eggs until they hatch. When brushing your pet’s fur, the fleas tend to hold tightly to the fur strands and escape complete eradication through the combing process.

Fleas are known to infest pets but in rare cases, they may attach themselves to humans.

It’s noteworthy that flea infestation can occur regardless of the pet’s hygiene conditions. Even the cleanest and well-maintained pets can have fleas. That’s why you should always check your pets for fleas. 

Common symptoms of fleas in pets:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Discomfort
  • They cannot stop nibbling themselves
  • Mood swings – often annoyed
  • Little to no social interactions
  • More willing to bathe (since it soothes the fur coat and the skin)
  • Anything that’s not the usual behaviour of your pet

If your pet is acting different, it is best to take them to the vet at the earliest to prevent anything serious from happening. Aside from the possibility of fleas, pets can act differently in case of sickness too. Always prioritise getting an expert opinion.

While you can be using natural flea treatment Shepparton to get rid of fleas, it is advised to consult Total Pest Management to ensure that your surroundings do not become a lodge for fleas before they strike again.

The blog explores 10 things every pet owner must know about fleas.


Let’s go!

    1. Flea infestation demands all-round treatment: Fleas are a nuisance for real. And even though you can be using the best available natural flea treatment Shepparton products or chemical-based cleaners, they can still resurface given the right opportunity. That’s why as much as it is important to clean your pets off fleas, it is crucial to clean your surroundings as well. Get in touch with Total Pest Control for high-quality total pest management and complete flea eradication
    2. Fleas have a flexible and adaptable life cycle: A flea undergoes four stages in its lifespan ranging from egg, larva, pupa, and lastly, an adult. The adults are responsible for keeping the cycle going. It takes about 21 days for the eggs to hatch, become larva which then weaves a cocoon of itself, become a pupa, eventually becoming adult fleas. The adult fleas find a host (pets) and latch onto it till dear life. The larvae during their growth stage feed on their environment and then go on it weave a cocoon. What’s fascinating is the fact that the movement across stages in life is based on the condition of the surroundings
    3. Fleas are masters in surviving the thickest of situations: Adult fleas can live for weeks without food. Pupae on the other hand can stay inside their cozy cocoon for as long as a year until the ideal conditions for its growth aren’t available. An adult needs to feed before it can lay eggs. So chances are, if there have been fleas hiding in your living space and they have been living without an adequate food supply, they may resort to biting you 
  • The flea life cycle is difficult to detect and harder to eradicate: As discussed previously, fleas undergo four stages during the course of their life. This makes it really difficult to get rid of fleas. And even though you are using all-natural flea treatment Shepparton, chances are you weren’t able to eliminate cycles that were taking place simultaneously. Additionally, fleas do not always lay eggs on a host. At times, they may just find a safe spot and lay eggs there making it really difficult to eradicate unless adequate total pest management measures aren’t in place
    1. 50 eggs per day: That’s the number of eggs a female flea can approximately lay in a single day. And for these eggs to hatch, it usually takes about 21 days. Female fleas can give rise to 20,000 fleas in two months nearly, at max egg laying capacity. This is disastrous considering their ability to hide and feast on anything that has blood flowing through it
  • Your indoor isn’t completely safe from fleas: Rabbits an furrets are one of the most common house pets. Rare is the occasion when they are taken out for a stroll and despite that, rabbits and ferrets aren’t safe from fleas. Fleas travel throughout their lifespan. They usually latch on to clothes, luggage and boots and may enter your living space. Once they get in contact with your pets, they will hang onto them, feed and start their own cycle of reproduction
    1. Fleas can jump from one place to another: And that’s how they travel from one location to another. Fleas can in fact jump with intention from one point to reach another and this distance is usually in meters!
  • Fleas can be deadly to humans: Fleas can cause bubonic plague in some rare cases and in other cases, they can cause stomach flu and even trigger allergic reactions. Fleas carry bacteria that can infect people severely and may require high doses of anti-bacterial drugs to keep the infection under control
  • Pets can develop allergies: Fleas can cause changes in your pet’s moods and appetite. The discomfort can be serious that it may even trigger allergies in pets. Fleas inject toxins and unfamiliar proteins in fur and skin when they bite. These toxins and proteins can cause allergic reactions to pets
  • Fleas and parasites: Tapeworm is one of the most common parasite carried by fleas to the host. This is often the reason why your pet may lose appetite during flea infestation. These parasites may absord nutrition from your pet’s gut making them malnourished and sick

Flea infestation can make pets and humans sick. Not only do they suck blood from the host body, they also carry disease causing bacteria and parasites. And even though you invested a lot in natural flea treatment Shepparton, they may still resurface.

What to do?

Call the pest control experts!

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