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5 Pest Control Shepparton Tips To Save Christmas from Turning into ‘Pestmas’


December 21, 2020

Ensure Celebration Only With Your Loved Ones With Pest Control Benalla and Surrounds

Do you love Christmas? 

Guess what?

So do pests! 

Christmas is one of the most favorite times of the year for pests. And why wouldn’t it be? The Santa cookie and the spilled milk is like a Christmas bonus for them. They foster all year round inside damp firewood, Christmas decoration, and whatnot. And if that wasn’t enough, they get more parties brought in for them with infected Christmas trees!

We know it a yucky feeling. It is a nightmare to have pests around any time around the year, let alone be Christmas. You may feel a little better by knowing that some pests do die due to the cold weather. Although that is the extent of it. Although, whatever pests remain, you can let the Total Pest Control Shepparton professionals take care of them.

Kialla and Mooropna pest control is important to get rid of these pests on Christmas

1. Spiders

We know! They are the worst nightmares. And do you know where they harbor around Christmas? Our beloved Christmas tree.

2. Rats

First thing first, he is not ratatouille! And even if he was, his dishes can still send you to the hospital. Also, if you have rats, you may want to watch out for choco chips and raisins in your cookies

3. Ants

The kids spilled their milk and covered it with a mat and voila! Now there’s an ant party going on all over your house.

4. Cockroaches 

These are some unhygienic little creatures who can supposedly survive nuclear holocausts. But don’t worry, they will not be able to survive our pest control Bendigo.

5. Termites

Termites don’t really understand the concept of “winter is coming”. All they need to survive is food and they are good to go. And once you get termites inside your walls and under your floor, it can be too late before you even notice.

6. Squirrels

Did your Christmas tree arrive with unordered squirrels? If they are young and you love pets then maybe you can keep them. But if they are adults then they are rabies carrying nuisance.

Here Are 5 Tips From Total Pest Control to Save Your Christmas 

1. Check The Tree Thoroughly Outside The House

Before bringing it into the house, make sure that it is free from any pest that may come with it. You don’t want the Christmas tree to bring anything other than oy into your house

2. Inspect The Firewood for Pest Infection

Even if you made sure that your firewood was protected against water damage, It could still have caught termites or other possibly deadly pests. Stay on the safe side and call us for inspection and pest control Cobram

3.  Open The Boxes Outside The House

You can never be sure what the dark and dumpy boxes must have infested since last Christmas. Make sure you unbox the decorations outside the house and ensure there is nothing unwanted there.

4. Make Sure You Clean After Cooking and Eating

It is good to share food, just not with pests who will, in turn, give you diseases. Not only that, rotting food is a breeding ground for pests, fungus, and bacteria.

5. Wash Everything Before Packing Safely

Wash your Christmas decoration and utensils thoroughly and make sure they are dry before you pack them. It will be even better if you pack them with naphthalene balls or silica gel. Taking precautions may save you the trouble of pest control Kyabram.

Pests Got Through? Total Pest Control is Here for The Rescue

Total Pest Control has been successfully taking care of pest problems in an expansive area across Victoria and southern New South Wale for the past 40 years. With us, you do not need to worry anymore about pest control Shepparton.

Call us for inspection and pest control and we will make sure that no pests get into your house. And if some are already there then they most certainly will not be spending Christmas with you. Contact us and get rid of pests today!