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7 Top Reasons Why Your Home is Attracting Pests

January 4, 2020

Are pests taking over your beautiful home?

Has your home become a hot favourite of pests in VIC and Southern NSW?

Total Pest Control Shepparton explains why pests may be particularly drawn towards your plac

Having pests in your personal space is a dreaded nightmare turned reality for many. And being in Australia, there is always the possibility of pests popping up in your home.

Pest control is rampant throughout Australia. With the tremendous diversity and magnitude of pests in Victoria and New South Wales, we at Total Pest Control Shepparton have a field day regularly.

Total Pest Control Shepparton houses the most professional and knowledgeable pest control experts in VIC. With more than 30 years of experience, we have seen and done it all throughout Shepparton, all parts of Victoria, Southern New South Wales and everywhere in between. In other words, you and your home absolutely need Total Pest Control Shepparton to get rid of any nagging pest infestation.

Throughout the course of our vast experience, we have noticed that some houses tens to be more ‘attractive’ to pests than others.

Yes, you read that right!

Even pests have preferences and your home may very well be in the radar of pests at this moment.

So what are those ‘inviting factors’ in your house that are resulting in pest infestation?

It is important to understand that keeping a check on these factors can help you avoid pest infestations to a large extent.

Why are we telling you these?

Well, pest control might be our jobs but we have our own homes and families. So, we know first hand how infuriating and troublesome pest infestations can be.

As such, here we are sharing some open secrets on why your home is turning into a hub of a raging infestation of pests.

By paying close attention to these various reasons for pest infestation, you can do a fantastic job of keeping your home safe and secure from any creepy crawlies.

With that being said, let’s get on with it!

  • Unwashed dishes

Is having heaps of unwashed dishes overnight a usual sight in your home?

While this is undoubtedly a very common practice, you would probably be shocked to learn that dirty dishes are one of the chief reasons behind the infestation of pests, especially in your kitchen.

The bits of leftover food on these dirty dishes serve as a tempting offer for insect pests such as cockroaches, ants and flies.

So regardless of how challenging it might sound, it is always a good idea to wash your dishes immediately after your meals.

  • Warmth

Almost every creature on this planet craves for warmth. So why would pests be any different?

In cold weather, it is quite natural for you home to become a hotbed for various pests who have been looking for a warm and comfortable place to spend the cold times.

Hence, it is suggested that you keep your hoke extra clean during the Winter

  • Moisture

Moisture is one of the most attractive factors for pest infestations of various kinds. Pests need water for survival and getting this precious resource from a comfortable space such as your house is ideal for them.

It is important to stress over the fact that moisture can invite a host of pests to your home.

Water dripping from the air conditioner or cooler? Expects wasps coming in for a source of water.

Wet and mushy closed spaces? Perfect for cockroaches.

Moist wood? A haven for termites.

Shallow pools of water at different areas of your house? A surface full of mosquitoes and mosquito larvae.

The solution is pretty simple: Regular maintenance that fixes leaks and keeps water accumulation in check.

  • Spilled food

Food spills, if you call it that, are a rather common occurrence in any home. These food spills include both spilling of cooked food near the dining table, kitchen, cook top or refrigerator, as well as the spillage of grains and food material.

Either way, pests are completely drawn towards these as a fresh source of food and as a result, go for an invasion. Ants, cockroaches, rats etc. are some of the main pests that take an immediate liking towards spilled food.

Therefore, it is critical that food spills of any nature are taken care of without any delay whatsoever.

  • Unused drains

Unused drains in sinks that are usually surrounded by organic matter such as hair or food particles tend to develop a slimy layer. The presence of this slimy layer within the drain becomes a breeding ground for flies and hotbed for small cockroaches.

Keeping such drains clean and dry is the best way to avoid the accumulation of such pests, which might result in the spread of various illnesses.

  • Garbage

This is a no-brainer. The awful stench coming from garbage is nothing short of a lucrative offer for pests such as flies, cockroaches, ants, rats etc. As such, it is very important that you dispose off your garbage without putting up with it for too long. Also, it is important to close and contain your garbage while it is present in the interiors of your home.

  • Still air

Surprise, surprise. If you thought that keeping the windows open to ventilate your rooms and putting your fan on does nothing more than cutting down on your air-conditioning costs, then think again.

Still air is perfect for dampness, moisture and odours to set in. Ventilating your home space and keeping a source of air on (preferably, the fan) might not exactly keep pests away but the turbulence generated in the air pushes them away from thriving.

So these were the 7 top reasons, according to Total Pest Control Shepparton, that can possibly make your home the go-to spot for pests of all kinds.

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