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Bid Goodbye to Termites with Expert Termite Control Bendigo

Termite Control Bendigo

April 16, 2021

Total Pest Control Shepparton shows the best you can do in the case of a termite infestation with this comprehensive termite control guide

Termites are undoubtedly one of the most notorious pests out there and a major threat to any wooden structure in your home. We honestly hate having these wood-hungry bugs in our living space and it only gets worse when you consider that termites are silent destroyers, rampaging through furniture and property without letting you know of the same. 

Be it your luxurious furniture, basement or basically anything that is made up of wood, termites mercilessly chew through them and slowly, but surely cause considerable damage. 

Basically, termites are built to eat cellulose, something that is readily available in wood. So it is easy to see why termites gorge on wood. It is worth noting that termites also feed on paper products and organic fibres apart from wood. As such, termites put a lot of your belongings at risk. 

As mentioned already, it is not always easy to ascertain the possibility of a termite infestation at your home. They are tricky and know just how to stay out of your notice while they eat away at your precious property.

And let’s be honest here… DIY methods don’t really work, do they? 

This is why you need the assistance of professional pest inspection and control services from a top-notch pest control company. In other words, you need the assistance of Total Pest Control Shepparton

Total Pest Control Shepparton for Termite Control Bendigo and Pest Control Goulburn

Total Pest Control Shepparton has been in operation for more than 40 years and we have established ourselves as the best pest control and elimination company for you. Our team consists of Australia’s finest pest control experts and our services expand across the entire VIC and Southern NSW. 

Our range of pest control Bendigo and Goulburn services are wide and versatile, and our termite control services have always been in huge demand courtesy of the high frequency of termite infestations in Australia, particularly in places like Shepparton, Bendigo and Goulburn. 

This blog presents an expert guide on termite infestation and control. It is based on our extensive experience of dealing with termite control projects all across Victoria and Southern New South Wales, wherein we have successfully eliminated termites from households with utmost efficiency and 100% results.

Read on and take action by partnering with us to keep termites away from your home once and for all!

So how do you know if you have a termite infestation?

Termites indeed work silently and without caution. In fact, people are often totally unaware that their home is infested with termites. Unlike other pests, you can’t catch termites in the act. In fact, you probably won’t even see them around! 

However, what you CAN do is look for certain signs that point towards a termite infestation in your home. 

Throughout the course of our many years of experience in termite control, we have established certain signs as surefire pointers towards termite inspection. As such, we will now provide some common signs that would make it obvious that your home is playing host to termites. 

For effective termite control Bendigo, check for these signs

Mud Tubes

In order to effortlessly make their way from soil to your home’s wooden structures, termites will create mud tubes for themselves. Consequently, they use these mud tubes to crawl through easily, without any worry of drying due to sunlight or air. 

Usual places to find mud tubes include walls, corners or dark places that are hidden from sunlight. 

Structures sound hollow

Termites very effectively salvage the inside of a wooden structure, making it porous while leaving the exterior seem unaffected by an infestation. Knock on wooden structures and if they seem hollow (when they are not supposed to be), you can bet that you have a termite infestation. 

Discrepancies in wooden flooring

It is a common occurrence to come across bubbles and bumps in your wooden flooring and the reason for this is the presence of water. However, this could also point towards termites being at large. 

So if you do come across such discrepancies in your wooden flooring, wait no more and get in touch with our termite inspection experts at Total Pest Control Shepparton immediately. 

Sounds of clicking

Do you know that termites communicate with each other by making clicking sounds?

If you come across such clicking sounds in any part of your home, then call termite control professionals immediately. Our termite inspector will detect the exact location where termites are present in large numbers and work towards creating a plan to eliminate them. 

Discarded wings 

During the mating season (which usually falls under Spring), male and female termites venture out of their nests to mate and then proceed to invade another part of your home. This leads to discarded wings which are surefire signs of termite infestation. 

However, people tend to often confuse ant wings with termite wings. While ants can be quite annoying, they do not cause as much harm and trouble as termites do to your home. So in order to make out whether you have got ants or termites in your home, do note the following two points of difference between the two:

  • Ants have differently sized wings at the front and the back while termites have roughly the same size of wings
  • Termites tend to have straight antennae while the antennae of ants are usually at right angles
  • Termites have a broader waist while ants have a narrow one

How can termite infestation be prevented?

Termite control is an extremely challenging task and impossible to successfully undertake without the aid of professional pest control experts. So while engaging in DIY termite control methods isn’t the brightest idea, one can always exercise precautionary measures to keep termite infestation at bay or at least prevent it from becoming a bigger problem than it already is. 

Precautionary measures for effective termite control Bendigo

Customised anti-termite construction of your wooden structures 

It is a wise decision to use a concrete foundation and leave a substantial gap for sir in-between the surface of the wooden structure and the soil. But other than that, for the actual termite elimination process, leave it to the expertise of the termite control Bendigo professionals at Total Pest Control Shepparton.

We understand how much pests frustrate you and a seemingly invisible attacker like termites are bound to be the threshold of your patience. So rest assured and simply get in touch with our termite control experts. We have got you covered!

Ensure that the following anti-termite measures are implemented in your home:

  • Immediate fixing of any leaks and seepage
  • Make sure that the soil situated around the foundation is dry. With the aid of proper grading and roof gutters, you can water away from the foundation and the soil around it 
  • There should not be a tree, shrub or any form of vegetation close to your wooden structures
  • Keep firewood at a distance of at least 30 feet away from your wooden structures
  • Your ventilation system should always be free from any sort of blockage
  • Conduct periodic inspections of your home on a frequent basis in order to ensure that you don’t pay host to a termite infestation

At Total Pest Control Shepparton, we employ the most effective pest control techniques to get rid of pests from your home once and for all. Our pest control and elimination processes are smooth, hassle-free and do not pose any health hazard to residents of your home. In addition, we ensure that we do not cause any damage to any part of your house unless the part is affected by the pests in question. 

Moreover, we use super-effective chemicals that would pose no danger to you and only aim to eliminate termites safely. 

With four decades of experience at our side and a diverse experience of pest and termite control in all scales of living spaces, you can rest assured that we will take good care of your pest problem. 

So if you live in any part of VIC or in Southern NSW, look no further than Total Pest Control Shepparton for the most efficient and affordable services. 

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