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Can you get pest control for spiders?

September 13, 2021

Can you get treatment for the eight-legged crawlers? Yes, definitely. You do not have to deal with the webs anymore.

Walking through the kitchen, you spot a web that has been spun with such efficiency, you are amazed. The spiders wreak havoc in the home and things can get out of control if you do not act soon. It can be worrisome to have the arachnids everywhere right from the milk jug to the bedroom. 

With precision, these creatures choose their hideouts where they are in proximity to the food and to spin a web. While getting rid of a web won’t guarantee them moving out of the home, these strategies will. 

Vacuum the corners! The spiders may be lurking there

The niches, the crevices, the spaces are where these creatures love to lurk as these are dark and offer the perfect cosy shelter. On your next vacuuming spree, instead of a superficial and cursory cleaning, go into these crevices with the vacuum and deal with the crawlers. 

Pesticides to make their little homes uncomfortable 

The last thing you want is for the eight-legged creatures to start getting cosy in your room. Spray chemical pesticides or insecticides into the holes or the space behind the kitchen sink where you think these arachnids have started to flourish. 

Have you tried peppermint oil?

Arachnids hate the odour of the oil and this works as an effective pesticide as people are not affected by the smell. If the infestation has crossed normal and is now growing steadily, drop everything you are doing and call in the experts!

Can you control the infestation using professional methods? 

Absolutely, yes! One of the most efficient and proven ways to get rid of these insects is by a professional service taking charge. You may wonder what is so very different between the strategies you were employing and the ones we employ. Well, the answer is, to deal with an infestation, it is essential to tackle their behavioural patterns. 

At Total Pest Control, the strategy employed is to assess the area and see which areas these spiders have infested. We then proceed to come up with a plan of action to treat the infested areas. The solutions used by us are eco-friendly and there is no chance of damage to your furniture or the people living in it. 

The strategies employed are focused on the pests not making a comeback. Spiders often feast on tinier insects and thus an infestation would mean that there are other insects too that are lurking around. 

Our efficacious treatment strategy aims to tackle these issues too. Be sure to have a space that does not have insects scuttling around or even one that has spun webs in every corner. 

The experts can take care of whatever it is and make your home livable once again. Contact our team of professionals and breathe a sigh of relief!