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Everything About Rodents You Should Know

Rodents Pest Control Shepparton

October 20, 2020

Rodent Pest Control That is Tailored for Your Home!

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Australian homes are a very comfortable space for rodents (like rats, mice, and squirrels) to live and breed in. They not only damage the property but also contaminate the food resources and stock. They infest homes that offer them: an unlimited supply of food, cozy shelter, and supply of water. Rodents prevent their teeth from growing long by continuously chewing and gnawing different areas of the house. They target uncovered and packaged foods that can be laying around in the pantry or in the kitchen leading to food contamination. Rodents also have the habit of chewing electric cables that puts your living space at the risk of short circuit and subsequent fire hazard. 

3 Types of Rodent Species That Can Infest Your Living Space:

  • Norway rat/ Brown rat: The brown rat has an average lifespan of 9-12 months and is nocturnal in nature. This type of rat is omnivorous which feeds on fish, earthworm, or weeds and produces sausage-like droppings
  • Roof rat/ Black rat: A black rat has an average lifespan of 9-12 months and prefers to stay on roofs and empty spaces. This species is omnivorous and feeds on cereals, grains, or meat, and produces spindle-like droppings
  • House mouse: A house mouse has an average lifespan of 1 year who prefers to live near human beings like cupboards and walls. A mouse prefers to have cereals, fruits, or nuts and produces spindle-like droppings

8 Places Rodent Pest Control is Needed!

  • Roof
  • Wall
  • Ceiling
  • Water supply pipe
  • Drainage pipe
  • Basement
  • Electrical cable lines
  • Cupboards

8 Ways To Identify Rodent Infestation in Your Dream House

  • Droppings that were never there: Rodents have an active digestive system and when they infest your living space, you may find dropping (rodent feces) around their source of food
  • Rub spots: Rodents are sneaky and often in rush. When observed carefully, you will be able to see rub spots at the most frequent rodent pathway
  • Urine: Since the rodents have a weak urinary bladder, they end up leaking a trail of urine on the floor 
  • Burrows: Rodents as species dig for burrow holes in the garden or near the fence or a tree and breed
  • Night noises: Since rodents are nocturnal in nature, one can hear certain noises like gnawing, scratching, or squeaking while moving from place to place during the night hours
  • Pungent smell: Rodents aren’t exactly clean and they have an odour very particular to them. IF your home smells filthy despite regular cleaning and spraying room fresheners, chances are rodents pest control is on the dial
  • The excitement of pet: Rodents can excite pets in your living space because of their odour and movements 
  • Teeth marks on food packages: Rodents have an active metabolic system and they are continuously eating. So if you see bite marks on your food packages, its time to call pest control services 

Rodents can cause immense damage to your property and can be a threat to your well-being. If you see any visible sign of rodent infestation, take quick action by calling Total Pest Control for professional rodent control. We also provide flagship rodents pest control Shepparton, rodents pest control Goulburn and even expand up to rodents pest control Cobram and Mooroopna rodents pest control

3 Rodent-Borne Diseases Rodent Pest Control Can Protect You From!

  • Asthma: A certain protein element in the rodent’s micro-droplet of urine can give birth to asthma and allergic conditions in a human body 
  • Bubonic plague: Can cause fever, headache, and swollen lymph nodes
  • Salmonellosis: Food poisoning and diarrhea by consuming rodent-contaminated food

Why Total Pest Control’s Rodent Pest Control Should be Your Priority

Total Pest Control is amongst pest controls in Australia that understands local rodent infestations and only professional hands touch your living space for the eradication of rodents. We ensure that our experts put the best rodent pest control practice to work.

While rodents can sneak into your living space and go unnoticed until their population explodes, it is important for a homeowner to be careful about what lives in their home. While controlling rodent infestation is not absolutely in your control, taking necessary steps like cleaning your living space regularly, maintaining hygiene, and attending to even the unused corners of the home ensure there’s no space left for the rodents to grow.

At Total Pest Control, we offer all-round rodent pest control that covers everything – inspection, termination, and post-termination care. Rest assured, nothing goes out of sight with Total Pest Control’s rodent pest control.

Rodents? Contact Total Pest Control today!