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How Do I Get Rid of An Ant Infestation In My House

Ant Infestation

November 19, 2021

Ant infestations basically mean an overload of ants at house/business space. These pose a risk of causing damage to the people and the property. Such situations demand immediate action to prevent any further damage.

With the right measures and processes, they can be removed for good. This blog explores everything you need to know in order to protect your living space from such an infestation.

Everything You Must Know About an Ant Infestation

Identifying an infiltration: There may be an infestation if you have noticed too many ants roaming around in your living space. However, in case you find a handful of ants in your living space, chances are they are just looking around. In any case, it is best to take the necessary steps to prevent a widespread. 

Signs to look out for:

Here are a few signs that possibly indicate a widespread:

  • Dust trails
  • Soil piles 
  • Ant pathways
  • Discarded wings at odd locations

Possible Reasons: 

The ants can pave their way into your home, if:

  • There’s leftover and uncovered food in the kitchen
  • Any of the surfaces at home are greasy
  • You store garbage for a long time and it becomes sticky
  • There are leaking pipes and faucets 

Why is it a risk?

Ant infestations are a risk since they can cause damage to both house and health. Here’s why it’s always a risk:

  • Overrun food items in the kitchen or anywhere in the house
  • Damage your property’s furniture
  • Attack clothes inside the cupboard
  • Ruin plastic goods used for storage and other purposes
  • Their bites can cause skin irritation and potential allergic reactions
  • They can attack pets

How long does an ant infestation last?

The strength of infestation begins to diminish the moment one starts treating it. The time taken to get rid of it depends on the method being used.

How To Safely Get Rid of An Ant Infestation And Avoid Structural Damage

However troublesome ants may be, there are effective and safe ways to get rid of them completely. The below steps can be followed to ensure that the property is free from such infestations. Ants can be a risk and with certain species being potentially harmful to life, it is always best to take precautions.

Note: If you suspect a serious attack on the property, consider calling Total Pest Control for safe, and effective ant removal. 

Keep your surroundings clean

Yes, cleanliness can be an effective tool in preventing ant infestation. Make sure that the cooking area is clean and dry. 

Avoid leaving food unattended (especially sweet food items). Either cover them or store them properly in an air-tight container. In addition to that, keep all the surfaces clean and wipe off any food that remains immediately. Keep the plates and cooking utensils clean or if you plan on cleaning them later, make sure nothing sticks to them.

Use a soap-water solution (1:1 ratio) or any other disinfectant solution to wipe the areas exposed to food. Regular disposal of garbage (especially wet waste) and perishable foods is also a must. 

Use products that are meant to tackle the situation

The chemical sprays are the most commonly used insecticide. Keep these chemical sprays away from pets and children as they can be poisonous. These products can kill pests and can be used to eliminate nests effectively. 

Hire professional pest control services

Pest control services are the most reliable option that is worth some serious considering. Especially if the infestation is out of control and not manageable, hiring a professional for the job is the best option. They are licensed and have received the right training to treat the problem.

They use high industrial equipment that ensures the quality of their work. They even follow safe pest disposal methods so that no other organisms are harmed and there is no residual. 

We at Total Pest Control Shepparton have a highly skilled and experienced set of ant removalists. They do their job with utmost precision. We adopt sustainable and less harmful products for termination and disinfection for hassle-free and safe removal of colonies. The pest management is done by blocking the entry points and the ant problem is solved by getting rid of ant colonies.


Ant breakout is a common yet solvable problem. However, since it consists of the usage of chemicals, consider taking the help of professionals. 

Total Pest Control is a leading name for effective, affordable, and safe pest removal. Our team of experts makes sure that there is safety and precision in their work.

Additionally, our services will not burn a hole in your pockets. We offer affordable services that are sure to solve the pest problem at hand. Don’t wait when help is just a call away. 

Get in touch with our experts at Total Pest Control to experience the best pest control service!

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