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How do I prepare my home for pest control bendigo

pest control bendigo

September 30, 2021

Prepare your home the right way for the process by following these tips

So you’ve finally called over the professionals. Great move. Your home is now on its way to being a pest-free zone. But before the team comes over you may want to prepare your space and get it ready for the mammoth task. Here is a list of things you may want to do before the experts arrive in order to get the maximum advantage of the treatment and make it easier for the experts to navigate and carry on their work. 

De-clutter the rooms

Keep in mind that creatures and rodents love a good cluttered room and would like nothing better than to hide in the mess when their own crevices have been made unfavourable by the treatment. Before you call in the experts, ensure that heavy furniture is removed and junk is discarded. 

The last thing you wish to happen is after treatment, the rats making a comeback as they were simply nesting in the junk and escaped the pesticide. 

Food and water should be covered

The solutions employed by Total Pest Control are eco-friendly and do not cause harm to humans or allergies of any kind but even so, you wouldn’t want particles of the pesticide to settle on the food in the kitchen, the fruits, and vegetables on the table, or elsewhere. 

Pets need special attention 

Your puppies and kittens have sensitive fur and they tend to react adversely to the pesticide often. Thus it is best to take them out and leave them with a friend before the team arrives. The same goes for any other pets. If you have a fish tank, cover the top of it with a sheet of plastic. The air pump present in the aquarium tends to suck in the pesticide particles and the fish will then be exposed to it through the water. 

The pumps should thus be turned off. 

Any sensitive materials should be covered 

Paintings, expensive antique pieces, precious glass showpieces should all be put away. The material may not take too well to the insecticides and while our team of professionals is extremely careful while navigating through the home, it is wise to store away the delicate glass pieces before the treatment is done. 

How do you get in touch with expert service in Bendigo?

Total Pest Control Bendigo offers premium services that extend to Bendigo and which you can avail of if you are tired of the menace that the crawlers and arachnids are wreaking in the apartment, have no idea what to do, and wish for your space to be free of the creatures and not having them make a comeback. 

We believe that blindly spraying pesticides cannot be the solution. Instead, knowing which organism we are dealing with so that we could have a strategy suited to their behavioural patterns and target the same is more effective. 

We can help! Let the professionals know.

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