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Keep Health Risks At Bay With Total Pest Control’s total pest management

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January 18, 2021

Apple Keeps The Doctor Away, and So Does Shepparton Pest Control

Here’s an interesting fact about pests. 

The word pest is derived from the Latin word ‘pestis’ meaning ‘plague’

Need not to explain, pests are anything but good news. Venomous or not, if in your house, they are well capable of sending you to the hospital by making you extremely ill. 

But no need to panic mate! When the pests strike, apples might fail in keeping the doctor away but Total Pest Control’s total pest management services will not!

In this blog, we will be discussing the two pests that are found everywhere in abundance- Rodents and Termites

These two tiny and tinier pests are well capable of showing you the ICU door. The scariest part is that their virus and venom is the hardest to trace. So if either of these two gets you then you will be in huge trouble. Without further ado, let us dive into what is the fuss all about.


Lately, with the change in pet culture, some of the members of the rodent family also have made space in our homes. And this fact gets rubbed in the faces of pest management companies… 

Let us remind you that those are vaccinated rodents ‘who live in a cage’.

The wild rodents are neither friendly nor hygienic. All the rodents have a pair of upper and lower teeth that never stop growing. To control the growth of their teeth, rodents constantly need to grind them against something. These wild rodents choose to chew on your valuable and necessities and damage your property. They are also extremely unhygienic and carry deadly diseases. Let’s have a look at the diseases they carry with them:

  1. Plague 
  2. Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM)
  3. Tularemia
  4. Hantavirus

To stay safe from these deadly diseases you can rely on rodent control Shepparton!

Call Total Pest Control for Rodent Control Shepparton

Total Pest Control’s rodent control methods make sure that the rodents are completely exterminated from your property. We start by carefully evaluating the area for rodent infestation and then deploy strategies most ideal for the situation.

That’s not all…

Our services are more than effective! We make sure that the rodents are not only exterminated from your premise but they do not come back either.


You must be very well aware of how house termites feast upon wood and cause irreparable damage to the house.

 But they don’t just damage the property, they damage your health as well!

You see, termites secrete naphthalene gas to protect their hives against intruders. The naphthalene we inhale gets stored in our fat cells. When we work-out, the fat cells burn out and the stored naphthalene gets released into our bloodstream. This gas is just as poisonous to humans as it is to other insects. The naphthalene in the blood causes acute naphthalene poisoning in our body, damaging the liver and eventually shutting it down.

Naphthalene poisoning can give birth to asthma and further cause fatigue and liver failure. Other than this deadly poisoning, termites can also cause a severe allergic reaction in some people.

The only way to deal with this problem is by killing the source of naphthalene gas and exterminating the cause from its roots.

A Reliable Partner for Termite Treatment Shepparton

When it comes to termite treatment Shepparton, Total Pest Control shows no mercy!

Our effective termite treatment measures exterminate each one of those termites. 

Why hire Total Pest Control? 

The one thing that can kill you faster than termite poisoning is the poison used to kill termites. Let the professionals take care of the job without endangering anyone’s safety.


No matter how big or small, venomous or not, irrespective of their kind, Total Pest Control is at your service to carry out total pest management. Don’t lose time! Call us today and ensure a safe house for yourself and your family!

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