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Rodent infestation can be stopped if these steps are taken!

Rodent infestation

August 9, 2021

Troubled by Rodent Infestation? Call Rodents Pest Control Shepparton Today! 

Rodent Infestation and the Need for Total Pest Control Shepparton

Rodents can be a nuisance in unimaginable ways! While they can be harmful to crops and everything on your property, unskilled and careless killing of rats can cause serious and at times fatal health conditions. Additionally, by the time rats start to show up their presence on your property evidently, it gets too late to act. But preventing further property damage is still a possibility if you are quick to act and get rodents pest control for your Shepparton home

Another noteworthy point is, avoid killing or poisoning at all costs. Why? Rat poison can be ingested by pets or kids unintentionally. The most common reason for this to happen is the unstrategic placement of poison in your living space. Moreover, the rat may die in the open and can be touched or worse, eaten by your pets! This is especially dangerous considering the potency of the poison. 

Total Pest Control Shepparton is a leading service provider when it comes to rodents pest control in Shepparton. With years of experience terminating rodents tactfully and carefully, we assure you that you will not face rodent problems after the extermination process has been completed. We use eco-friendly products and during the process make certain that your pets or kids are nowhere around the target area. With industrial strength equipment that is designed to exterminate without hassles, rest assured you are getting the best available rodents pest control in Shepparton with Total Pest Control Shepparton. 

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While rodent infestation is devastating and calls for immediate action, here are a few tips on how you can effectively prevent rodent infestation from your living space. 

6 Things You Need to do Right Now to Prevent Rodent Infestation!

Clean your home on a daily basis: Yes, that’s right. Cleaning your home on a daily basis helps immensely identifying any potential rodent infestation. How? When you clean your house on a daily basis, you are well aware of the conditions your furniture, pantry and other parts of the house are in. Rodents don’t show up overnight but rather occupy your property slowly. Plus, the fact that they multiply rapidly is always a matter of concern. By identifying signs of damages around your living space, you can be well prepared to tackle the situation better

Make use of the right method: Killing isn’t easy especially when it comes to rodents. The inadequate or careless killing of the rodent can cause an outbreak of dangerous diseases and moreover, a dead rat rotting in your living space is a biohazard you should avoid at all costs. Thus, before you decide to kill the rodents in your house, decide which method you want to follow. The market today is booming with products using which you can kill a rat and stay safe while doing so. 

If using traps, opt for traps that kill the rodent easily and don’t cause much suffering. If you are planning on using a bait trap system, consider using child and pet safe tamper-resistant bait stations. Place the combination where gnaw or droppings have been found. It is advised to use this method during the night since most rodents are nocturnal and they get out of their burrows or hiding spot during late hours of the day 

Seal and clean every nook and corner of your living space: Rodents have a flexible body by virtue of which they can hide, run through and nest in dark, moist and food abundant places. So, if you have found traces of rodent infestation in your living space, it is highly advised to clean and seal spots that aren’t in use. If you find an active rodent nest in such a location, consider calling rodents pest control Shepparton instead of taking matters into your hands

Clean your garden or backyard area: Rodents are highly adaptable and they can always find a place to hide and nest. Gardens and backyards are always soft targets for rodents to infest, multiply and damage the property. If you have a garden or a backyard area, it is highly advised to clean and maintain the greens to ensure there’s no opportunity for rodents to strike and survive

Eliminate outdoor sources of food:  Just how we look for basic amenities when selecting a home to live in, similarly rodents too look for basic amenities such as shelter and protection from predators, cozy spot to reproduce and availability of food and water. While you are all set to prevent rodents from entering your living space, removing any external food sources ensures that rodents don’t find their ideal environment to occupy and grow. 

So if you keep seeds for the birds, consider getting a bird feeder system instead of simply putting seeds in an open utensil. If you have kept water spots for birds and nearby stray animals to drink from, consider putting them at a height or refill at a routine when maximum animals come to drink water. If you want to be extra cautious, it is advised to get predator urine scent from local garden stores and spray it around areas where rodents can strike from.

Literally, get a pet!: Yes, you read it right. Pets like cats or dogs keep rodent infestation away. These pets are considered predators in the food chain and rodents usually avoid getting in their way. Additionally, many pet owners train their pets to catch (and not kill) rats and mice. This way, even if rodents try to get into your living space, your pet will handle the situation well.

Contact Total Pest Control Shepparton for a Complete Rodent Infestation Solution

Rodents can pose a challenging situation no home occupant wants to be in. The fear of contracting dangerous diseases, the worry of furniture and property damage and the anxiety of food spoilage. While it is not as easy as killing the rat and throwing it away in the trash, it can have risky effects. So what’s best to do? Call for rodents pest control in Shepparton instead of taking any risks! 

Total Pest Control Shepparton also actively offers pest control Wangaratta, pest control Bendigo and Goulburn pest control wide. 

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