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Termite Treatment and Control

Termite Treatment and Control

February 15, 2020

Does Your House Have Termites?

A termite infestation at your place can often be unnoticed. Termites are notorious for getting into your space even if they find the narrowest of cracks or openings in the structure of your house. It’s quite possible that termites are consuming and damaging your precious furniture and you aren’t even aware of it!

Which is why your house is in immediate need of a thorough termite inspection. Fortunately, Total Pest Control Shepparton has you covered! But before you decide to leave your house termites to the experts, you should find
some clues yourself.

Signs of Termite Infestation

If you suspect that your beautiful house has been invaded by termites, here are a few visible signs that indicate a termite takeover: Discoloured patches on wooden flooring If your wood floor or stairs have developed dark or light patches, then it’s probably a sign that termites are feasting from within. It might also be a termite nest. Hollow wood structure Termites love to leave wood hollow. This paves the way for a termite nest. So, if you find that your wooden pieces have suddenly developed a honeycomb section at the interiors, then it’s a clear indication of termites. Termite droppings Termite droppings look like crushed coffee beans. Dead matter Termites leave behind discarded wings. You may also come across dead termites.

If you have noticed any of these signs, then there is quite possibly a termite mound or termite nest lurking beneath the wood in your house!!!

Its time to reach out to Total Pest Control Shepparton for availing the services of our fantastic Termite Inspector!
With more than 30 years of experience, Total Pest Control Shepparton has created a legacy of pest control in and around Victoria and southern New South Wales. Get the best and the most affordable termite control cost along with unparalleled

Termites are known to be vicious. But we aren’t behind! Our team has successfully beaten every termite invasion in the last 3 decades. Here’s our stepwise formula of success for termite control and termite treatment services:

1. Termite inspection
Our vastly experienced termite inspector will thoroughly inspect your house and confirm evidence of a termite infestation.

2. A customised termite treatment and control plan for your house
Each house is unique, just like the people residing in them. As such, we devise a customised termite treatment plan for your house which would rid your house of termites. Moreover, our termite control techniques would ensure that termites stay
away from your house even in the future. Our termite treatment and control plans are so effective that termites

won’t dare to even come close to your place! Eliminate every single termite from your house.

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