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Why Building & Pest Control Inspection Shepparton!

Pest Control Shepparton

October 27, 2021

If you are planning to buy a new house (directly from listing, from an auction or through a broker), it is important to consider getting a building pest control inspection before making the final move. This type of examination identifies specific infestations of termites, rodents, spiders and even fleas as well as the need for hoarding clean up. 

Additionally, getting a dedicated property check-up ensures you are covered from making any risky property decisions. The process also recognises the potential of an infestation & recommends necessary actions/services on how you can avoid it. This is where Total Pest Control helps. Read to know more!

The Dire Need for a Pre-Purchase Inspection

Finding your dream home can be an emotional moment. But that shouldn’t prompt you to make quick, unplanned decisions. Chances are, your dream house has issues that are right now hidden in the shine and happiness. It is important to pay attention to those or else you might have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs that could have easily been avoided. 

Professional pre-purchase inspections are detailed and they inspect in and out of the property in question. This service also protects you against dainty contracts that could possibly end up putting you in a tight spot that can be financially draining. Additionally, knowing the issues in the house, having a close estimate of how much it will cost gives you an upper hand in negotiations. 

Note that you are entitled to a building and pest clause in most cases wherein the qualified building and pest inspectors are to inform about the building’s condition in a report. These reports are thorough and shed light on minor to any potentially major issues that need to be fixed. Read through every contract carefully before signing an agreement. 

Need help? Get in touch with our experts! 

What is Included?

Building and pest control inspections are thorough, deep and scan every nook & corner to determine existing as well as potential infestations. If you are wondering what’s included usually in such a service, here’s a list:


  • Roof
  • Floor and the insides of floorboards
  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Framing


  • The outsides of the roof
  • Floor and the insides of floorboards
  • The land/site in question
  • Garden and the shed
  • Car park area as well as the garage

Focus During the Check-up 

The roof: Checking the roof’s cavity on the interior to find damage (existing as well as early signs) with the framing, sarking and the insulation. Whereas on the exteriors, the focus is on the tiles. downpipes, gutters, flues and eaves & vents in order to identify the need for minor or major repair works

Areas of maximum activity: Kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, bedroom, toilets, lounges and areas that are commonly shared by everyone must get surveyed as well. The prime focus is usually the carpets, windows, tiles, stairs, wardrobes and other storage spaces and other elements of the house. This is done regardless of the frequency of use

Flooring: Must be checked for framing issues, posts, ventilation systems and quality of the flooring material used. It is also recommended to get your tiles and grout checked for damage

Outside surveys: Exteriors of homes must be inspected in order to identify repairs that can possibly be involved. Gardens are a great spot for rodents, cockroaches, spiders and even termites to hide and nest. Fences, driveways, stairs, walking paths and even drainage systems offer an ecosystem for pests to thrive

Why You Shouldn’t Avoid a Pre-purchase Property Inspection – The Benefits

  • Adds more value to your decision to invest by highlighting potential repairs, restoration and maintenance needs in advance
  • Gives you an upper hand during negotiations
  • A detailed and well-documented report can help in getting the seller’s cover for repairs
  • Gives insight into the actual value of the investment
  • Makes it easier to move in once all the required repairs and restoration are done
  • Adds peace of mind and confidence in the purchase

Bottom Line

Total Pest Control Shepparton has years of experience and is a leading name when it comes to getting a property evaluated. Our trained technicians have years of experience in identifying spots for pest nesting. We address the problem and inform you about it with our highly detailed and conclusive report. 

We also hand over a complete report thoroughly analysing the areas that need repair and maintenance work. If you are eager to make a purchase, speak with our experts today for guaranteed peace of mind!

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