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Rodents Never Make For Pleasant Guests. Are You Taking Appropriate Measures To Drive Them Out?


July 12, 2021

It is wise to go in for a rodent control Shepparton as soon as you begin noticing signs of the creatures

While no pest makes for pleasant guests or sight around the home, rodents are an extreme NO. It is fairly easy to figure out when you do have the rodents staying in your home as they leave tell-tale signs around the home. 

Take for instance a situation where you see a few ants. You may decide to ignore them and might spray an insecticide. However, do not replicate this behaviour with a rodent. Even sighting one is enough to tell you that you need rodent control in Shepparton!

Here are ways to avoid rodents finding their way into your home. 

Seal any entry points! 

Thankfully when it comes to the creatures, due to their large body size compared to other pests, they do not manage to enter through minute cracks in the walls. But any openings in the windows, the vents, the doors, the drains, should be sealed immediately!

Trim the foliage outdoors 

Keep it trimmed and neat. The lawn and garden too should be kept spick and span. Rodents love the hiding space between the weeds and the foliage. Don’t encourage it. 

Build a wall around the property

This doesn’t mean a barricade between you and the rest of the world. A wall that’s low enough to see what’s going on in the outside world, or a ledge that easy to climb over but not too low so that the rodents would have a field day climbing into the garden and making their way into the home.


No matter how many times this is emphasised, it is not enough. Hygiene is the number one thing to keep rodents at bay. You may claim that you clean the rooms and the hall frequently and so what is the problem. 

However, rats are attracted to dingy spaces like the attic, spaces where there is the food like the kitchen or places where there is wooden and comfort like the barn. 

Are you doing a thorough cleaning of these? 

Mint is great! 

As much as you love mint, rodents do not. Planting mint in the garden or using a mint spray around the home can be a good way of forcing the rodents to gt out. 

Paint the walls around the home 

This might seem weird at first as you must wonder what do rats have to do with freshly painted walls. Painting the walls and then coating them with a smooth external sheath prevents the rats from climbing up.

The rough edges of the walls act as supports for the rodents. Glossy paint helps.

Do not leave food around 

If you have pets in the home a tendency might be to leave food for them and thenyou have them messing around with their food. 

This attracts rodents and then you will be left with a mess to clear up.


Once you begin seeing many insects in the home, it may be an indication that there are rodents in the home as these insects are food for the rodents. 

Do not wait until the rodent infestation gets too much as the next thing that will show up is snakes. 

How do you get a rodent control Shepparton

Total Pest Control Shepparton is a total pest management service in Australia that helps homeowners and office spaces alike with getting the pests out. 

What makes us different? 

While pesticides and insecticides do eliminate pests, these pose harm to humans as well as the pests. Thus, we provide pest control services in Shepparton by using bio and eco-friendly solutions that are not in the least harmful to humans. 

For those looking out for pest control in Bendigo, there are services that will help. Not just the rodents, we have termite control in Shepparton, cockroach control in Shepparton and other services that will enable you to lead a better life. 

How do you ensure the pest control was effective? 

Simple. The pests shouldn’t make a comeback anytime soon. This way you will know that the pest control met its target. Often rodent problems lead to far worse situations like snakes. It is best to have pest management done well in time so as to not have any further problems. 

We are spread across Australia and you simply need to book a consultation. Our team of experts will visit and assess the home and then decide on a treatment strategy. 

The pests create havoc. Do not let them. Show them who is the boss today!

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