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Australia is home to some of the most poisonous spiders in the world. Some of the common, but dangerous spiders most likely to be encountered in the home include the redback, whitetail and funnel web spider.

Keep your family & pets safe from these household pests.



Ants are a common pest in australia and often invade households seeking food and a place to build their nest.

On top of quickly taking over your pantry, some ant species can deliver a very painful bite that may require hospitalization.



Rats & Mice can pose a serious threat to your household health and wellbeing, eating anything humans eat and contaminating the area.

Learn more about how to deal with these pesky critters. 


Cockroaches love damp dark places as food preparation areas. As such, they are the bane of restaurants & kitchens around the world. Cockroaches are known to carry bacteria that can result in food poisoning, diarrhea, allergies and skin rashes.

Learn more about how to deal with these unwelcome guests. 


Termites can be a real nightmare to homeowners, as they eat away at wooden structures, weakening them to the point that they may be unsafe to live in. This can result in very costly repairs or having to rebuild large sections of your property.

Learn more about how to protect your home from these problem pests. 


Most flea infestations start from pets but can quickly spread to other areas of the house including carpet and bedding. This can become a nightmare as you wake up with itchy bite marks all over your body, particularly the ankles and legs.

Learn more about how to keep these tiny bloodsuckers away from your home and pets. 


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Spider Pest Control & Removal in Shepparton | Total Pest Control VIC



Spider Pest Control & Removal in Shepparton | Total Pest Control VIC









Got pests that bug you? End the bugging ordeal! 

Total Pest Control uses the best, highly effective and safe methods to eradicate pest infestations for a better living.

Fast, Safe and Affordable Pest Control Services in Shepparton you can trust

Shepparton has a huge biosphere that includes pests. The pests actively infest homes and offices resulting in severe damage to property and belongings. They also increase health hazards and as such, it needs strict prevention. Total Pest Control Services offer incredibly effective pest control services that wipe out termite, fleas, rodents, ant infestation, spiders and even cockroaches! Our pest control services cover Shepparton and surrounding areas including but not limited to Bendigo, Kialla and Goulburn Valley. 

Effective And 100% Legit Pest Control Company Services Melbourne, VIC For Homes and Commercial Spaces

Best Pest Control Shepparton, Melbourne, VIC With Total Pest Control For Complete pest removal Melbourne

Total Pest Control Shepparton has been providing professional pest management services to homes in Victoria and southern New South Wales for the past 40 years.

Our highly trained staff are equipped with the latest tools, products, and know-how to ensure your pest problem is taken care of fast and effectively. For a pest-free home, call Total Pest Control.

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    Pest Control Services in Shepparton that deliver excellent results. 

    We eradicate the pest problem because ignoring the problem could pose major health risk, not only do they attack your belongings but they also carry the potential to cause serious health problems that can affect kids, pets and even healthy adults. Such serious implications of pests subjects residents of  Shepparton and surrounding areas to high health risks and calls for immediate action that not only wipes out the pests but also provides effective pest control that lasts years. 

    Total Pest Control Services realises how important it is to protect and create pest-safe environment. Our pest control professionals are trained to handle the most adverse pest situations without harming the environment. Our awareness towards the Shepparton community covers pest control services for residents as well as commercial offices for a safe living.

    Professional pest control services offered by Total Pest Control in Shepparton and other areas:

    We also provide Pre Purchase Inspection service for Shepparton as well as surrounding areas.

    Expert Pest Removal Shepparton, VIC – Specialised For Your Living Spaces

    Our team of pest control experts are highly trained and qualified to deal with even uncalled situations that demand professional handling. Our services not only limit to wiping out pests but also provide effective and long-term solutions for rodent pest control, termite pest control and spider pest control services in Shepparton as well as in nearby areas.

    Total Pest Control Shepparton delivers professional, highly effective and safe pest control services that last long and are affordable.

    Total Pest Control Services – excellent pest control services for every resident and office in Shepparton.

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    Total Pest Control Shepparton, VIC Offers Specialised Pest Inspection, Pest Removal And Pest Control Tailored For Your Home & Business!

    Pest inspection is a necessary part of owning a living space (residential or commercial). While many people don’t realise, the truth is, pests can enter through gaps and unattended spaces and remain unnoticed until damage caused by their existence starts showing up. Aside from causing damage to your property, pests can also hamper your health. Some pests are known to carry bacteria that can attack a body with a weak or a suppressed immune system.

    While home remedies may offer quick solutions for your pest related problems, the truth is, home remedies are temporary and do not provide complete pest removal Melbourne, VIC living spaces need.

    At Total Pest Control Melbourne, VIC, we aim at providing quick yet long lasting pest removal Melbourne, VIC can live by. With specialists who craft an absolutely necessary and well thought pest inspection Melbourne, VIC execution plan. We analyse your living space to identify pest infestation hotspots and strategically act on them to get rid of pests completely.

    Total Pest Control Melbourne, VIC – Best Pest Control Shepparton, Melbourne, VIC

    Live life, Absolutely Pest Free!

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    Servicing The Goulburn Valley & Surrounds

    Years in Pest Control

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    Free Quotes

    Servicing The Goulburn Valley & Surrounds

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    Very friendly and professional customer service. Everything explained clearly during the inspection and easy to understand invoice.

    Cathryn McHugh

    Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness,  Value
    The guys have now done checks on 2 properties for me. both times fantastic and respectful of the houses going over with a fine-tooth comb with detailed reports great priced recommend 100%.

    Jack Picken

    Best in the business! I would never go anywhere else! Not only do they do a fantastic job, but they’re professional, kind and caring towards their customers also!

    Charlotte Nicolson

    The best in the business!

    A family-owned business with years of experience and knowledge.

    Friendly service, excellent pricing, and quality work exceeding expectations.

    Justin Boschetti

    A very prompt and thorough service. Keeping creepy crawlies at bay at both our farm property and business is a big job, though not too big for Total Pest Control.
    “I see dead things” is what I love to say after their visits.

    Hilary Vella