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Termites, or ‘white ants’ as they are often called, are one of Australia’s most destructive timber pests.
Prevention and early detection are key in avoiding costly damage to your property.

Approximately 1 in 5, or 20%, of all Australian houses are likely to experience termite attack. If left unchecked, repair costs from termite damage can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Termites can cause more than timber damage. Termites have been known to destroy the outer coatings of electrical wires – leading to dangerous exposed wires and destruction of power circuits.

It is important to make sure your home is protected against termite attack, and deal with the first signs of termite activity as swiftly as possible.

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Correct identification of the termite species = better, faster results.

There are over 360 different species of termite in Australia. Out of these, just 15 species are likely to cause property damage. Each species has its own unique features and habits.

Identifying the species present is critical in carrying out an effective eradication program.

The coptotermes acinaciformes can travel up to 50 metres from the nesting site in search of suitable resources!

There is no single approach to treating termites that will be effective against all termite species. In most cases a combination of eradication methods will be used to efficiently target the exact species of termite present in your property.

Our qualified pest control technicians are experts in the termite identification and eradication. Total Pest Control can quickly determine what species of termite you are dealing with and how best to treat the termite attack for fast results.

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Take control – before the termites do.

By having appropriate termite barriers installed, and the property regularly inspected by a qualified pest control technician, you can significantly reduce your property’s risk of termite attack and subsequent damage.

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