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5 Shepparton Pest Control Methods To Get Rid of Ants and Spiders

Ants and spiders

January 11, 2021

Why Should You Prioritise Ant and Spider Pest Control in Shepparton?

‘Pests are pesky creatures’, this thing cannot be emphasised enough. And without a doubt, everyone would agree on this. Even PETA discourages the killing of any life form agrees on eliminating the pests without killing them.

But sometimes you got to do, what you got to do!

You cannot ask pests nicely to leave the house, can you? And especially when they are potentially venomous and it’s your life that is at risk, it is understandable to resort to pest control Shepparton.

Ants and spiders are among the most venomous pests of all. Ants such as jack jumper ant and bulldog ant are some of the most venomous ants in the world. Also, spiders such as funnel web spiders, redback spiders and white tail spiders are venomous enough to hospitalise a healthy human. Do you know what is the worst part? All of these vicious ants and spiders are common in coastal regions of Australia. That’s right! Shepparton constantly faces these pesky threats.

But no need to worry mates. In this Total Pest Control blog, we will discuss some effective measures that everyone can resort to and easily ensure the best spider and best ant control Shepparton.

On that note, here are the 6 effective pest control methods:

1. Trojan horse

In Odyssey, there is a story about how Greeks infiltrated the city of Troy by sitting inside a wooden horse. They were not able to defeat them from the outside but successfully took them down from the inside by attacking their vital points.

Trojan horse strategy is the most effective strategy when it comes to ant control. The ants on the outside are just the food collectors. Killing them won’t do any good as the queen will just make and send more. 

It is possible to trail the line back to their hive where there are the queen, larvas and the soldiers. Now we can either bomb the hive with insecticides (which may create a mess) or plant the ant bait (the trojan horse). When the ant bait is on the inside it kills the ones in control without them even realising.

2. Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants are proven most effective against spiders. Drosera capensis (Cape-Sundew) and Drosera adele (lance-leaved-sundew) are two of the most low maintenance carnivorous plants. These beautiful looking plants add to the aesthetic appeal of the house. And when planted in pest infested areas, they take care of the pests by eating them. It is like killing two birds with a single stone.

3. Precaution is better than cure

Having a clean house never hurts. Especially when having a clean can do most of the ant and spider pest control Shepparton.

Ants are attracted to the food! so as long as anyone does not spread the food crumbs or throw food around, they are very less likely to get ant infestation.

Spiders are much easier to take care of. Regularly clean the corners of the roof and see for the presence of newly woven webs. Because once they lay eggs and it bursts, the spectator relives the memory of “The Mummy” again.

4. Professionals to the rescue

You did not take the above precautions and now it is a pest party all over the house? Or you did but some still got through. Total Pest Control’s professional pest controllers will be there for the rescue.

For over 40 years we have been successfully defending the buildings in Shepparton and its surroundings against pest infestation. With our amount of knowledge and professional equipment and approach, you can count on claiming your home back.

Contact Total Pest Control today for the pest control Shepparton!

 That house belongs to you, not to the pests.