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6 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of The Spiders In The Home And Quickly!


July 7, 2021

It is essential to go in for a premier spider pest control in Shepparton if the usual methods do not work!

Spiders in the home. The phrase can never mean anything good. The eight-legged creatures and their breed are sufficient to cause havoc in your home, disrupt what you call ‘sanitation’ and leave you frantically looking for the insecticide spray. 

Calm down. 

Efficient pest control solutions are at hand. But if you are looking to get rid of the spiders there are several ways to do this, before you call in pest control in Shepparton

Maintain hygiene

The reason spiders may find your home a favourable place to visit is that they are in search of food. As their dietary preferences may be slightly different, expanding to bugs and smaller insects, you would do well to ensure their preliminary source of food is cut off. 

How do you ensure this? 

Maintain a hygienic environment around the home, pick up food crumbs that have fallen, clean up the dining space, pay attention to the crevices and corners as these are where dirt tends to collect. 

Seal the openings and cracks! 

The number one way to deal with a spider infestation is to stop them from invading your space. Spiders may create a space for themselves in proximity to your home and visit every now and then for a little food and drink. This needs to stop! 

Here’s what you can resort to: 

  • Seal the cracks in the walls with plaster
  • Put caulk on the edges of your windows
  • Put wire mesh on the vents to stop the spiders from making their way into the home 

Clean the home regularly!

The air conditioner, the vents, the walls are the places where there is a maximum probability of the spiders making their webs in order to catch other insects. The more you let this go on, the more the infestation. Ensure you do a spring cleaning of the home every now and then to clear these webs and thus prevent further proliferation of the insects. 

Peppermint spray

An ally in your battle against the eight-legged creatures! Peppermint spray is a simple technique that spiders absolutely detest. 

Here’s what you do

  • Fill a spray can with water 
  • Add around 20 drops of the peppermint essential oils to it
  • Spray this solution around the home especially in the areas where the spiders prefer to spin their webs 

Vinegar to the rescue 

The pungent astringent smell of vinegar is enough to drive many insects away not just spiders. Take vinegar solution in a 1:1 ratio (the amount of vinegar being equal to the amount of water) and spray this around the home or simply pour a few drops in the dark areas which are musty and thus perfect for the spiders. 

You will instantly see the effect the pungent smell has on these creatures. 

Lights out!

Smaller bugs are attracted to the lights in your home. Thus switching these off prevent the insects from making their way into your space and thus prevent spiders from following them in search of food. 

Spiders love the dark, however, and so it would be wise to have a small night light on at all times. A red light could work well too as it would serve both purposes – keeping the insects at bay and keeping the spiders out. 

How efficient is spider pest control in Shepparton

When all avenues prove to be unfruitful opt for pest control! Total Pest Control Shepparton is the ideal fix to an infestation of eight-legged crawlers that refuse to budge with other means. The solutions employed by the company are premier and needless to say effective in driving the pests out to a point of no return. 

At Total Pest Control Shepparton, we believe that pests have a behavioural pattern that needs to be targeted in order to ensure their elimination from the home. Thus, along with the eco-friendly solutions we use, we also ensure proper hygiene standards in the space. 

Should you be looking for:

We offer services in these and many more areas. 

Do not wait until the situation gets out of hand and spiders begin to crawl out the milk jug. Usually, a spider infestation progresses soon and thus seeing a few of the insects could mean there are many others out of sight.

Pest control that gives your home a chance to breathe easy is the long-term solution to the problem. As for packages, these can be customised once our experts assess your space.
Show the spiders where they belong. Get a pest control soon.