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Do Not Let The Termites Reign In Your Home. Get Termite Protection Shepparton Today

Termite Protection Shepparton

February 4, 2021

Control The Pests With Total Pest Management 

Are you planning on moving into a new home? 

Are you all set with decor, furnishings, and interiors? 

There may be one last thing left to cross off the list before you make your way into your abode – pest control. 

“A new home cannot be infested.” 

“Wait, what! Pests already?”

“Why should I be spending already on controlling the pests?”

Yes, the questioning mind of yours may have doubts, but we have the answers! Total Pest Control Shepparton is not just meant for homes that are infested to glory with insects, rodents, and termites. 

Instead, the team works to eliminate these pests even before they breed into hordes. This strategy is apt for your new home. 

Why Should You Get Pest Control Done in Your New Home in Shepparton?

Unlike humans, pests do not just walk out the door once their lease is done. Hence, even though the home may be new, the termites may have already settled cosy into the spaces. 

What to do? 

Get them out.


Total Pest Control has a solution. But before we go to the solution, here is a bit on termites, the way they go about making their hidey-hole, and why you need to show them the door!

Why Do You Need Termite Protection, Shepparton

To begin with, 

What are termites?

These are pests that feed on woodchips, decaying wood and you may have heard them being called by their common name ‘white ants’. While they leave wood dust around after feeding on the wood there is more to why these pests can wreck your life. 

Shepparton, if you do not go in for pest control and allow these pests to breed, and feed and multiply, it can lead to diseases such as: 

  • Skin conditions
  • Asthma
  • Respiratory illnesses

They can further cause damage to your interiors by gnawing their way through everything! Even the electrical wiring! This would result in electrocution. 

Yes. If the termites eat through the wiring, that is the end of your electric connections. Now you would not want to spend thousands redoing the wiring, it would only be wise to call in the experts and get the pests out with Total Pest Control Shepparton

The termite control will involve inspection and riddance of the pests in various areas and niches of the home. These include: 

  • The mud tubes are present around the exteriors of the home. Termites love feasting on these. (Beware!)
  • The wood around the home that appears to be dark or have blisters could be an indication of termites having a great time. Total pest management urgent!
  • If the infestation is really bad, the dark spaces behind walls may show the presence of wings that belong to the termites. 
  • If your new home has plenty of softwood, a test that indicates the presence of termites, would be to tap it. If you hear a hollow sound, the termites have made their way and you need termite protection Shepparton!

Where Do Termites Breed? 

Termites love breeding in warmer spaces and areas where there is rainfall. Your home may be susceptible especially if you live close to Nature. 

Furthermore, Termites’ Obsession With Wood Can Bee Explained Here:

  • One of the principal components of wood is cellulose
  • Termites feed on the woodchips.
  • The breakdown of the wood release cellulose
  • Termites use this form of cellulose as a nutrient.
  • They further get nourishment and breed in large numbers. The hordes may remain unseen for months or even years as they will breed in spaces behind the walls where they can get maximum access to the wood. 

This is why total pest management is so crucial even while going in for a new home, as you never know how bad the termite situation may be.

In addition to woodchips, termites also eat plastic, debris and basically cause whatever destruction possible.

Shepparton, you are not the only lucky one for pest control services! 

We believe that Australia has Nature that deserves to be enjoyed and admired. Hence, we have our pest control services all across! 

Need pest control in Wangaratta? We are there. 

Need one in Nagambie? We are there too! 

Well, wherever you really need, we have got the services to suit you. 

Here is a plan. Why don’t you contact us before moving into your new space? We will come and assess the termite situation before recommending a total pest control. 

If you are convinced, you can go in for one! 

Like we believe, the pests do not deserve to be in your home. Get them out!