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March 4, 2021

Why Fleas are a Nuisance? Total Pest Control Shepparton Answers This!

Troubled by fleas in your living space? Worry no more! Flea Removal Shepparton expert is here!

Fleas not only makes it super hard for your pets to relax and have a good life, but they are also known to live and reproduce on their host (pets usually). While fleas mark their presence slowly and gradually, they do make a life for pets miserable.

Your pet is scratching themselves too much? The usually calm and happy pet is struggling with the most joyful acts of the day? They are restless and nothing seems to be helping them?

Chances are they are under flea attack!

How and why fleas attack pets

Fleas have a penchant for warm-blooded animals. This is why cat fleas, dog fleas, rabbit fleas, and fleas in birds are so common. Fleas are defined as reddish-brown insects (pests) in appearance and can breed while living on the host body.

While thorough and regular cleaning of the pet with medical-grade shampoos and dusting them with anti-fleas powder can immensely help, it is always best to get professional flea removal Shepparton to prevent resurgence. How? We will find out soon!

But before that…

Wondering how your pet got fleas? Here’s the top 5 on how!

  • From the grass! Fleas nest in the grass when they are not on a host body. They attach themselves to pets once they come in contact with the grass. In either case, fleas can be brought on by other animals to your property
  • Visitors too can carry fleas into your living space
  • Pet parks (most commonly, a dog park) has an unusually high concentration of fleas ready to attach themselves to a host
  • From the kennel, since not every kennel will have the highest quality of cleaning standards
  • As hard as it may seem, you too can carry fleas into your pet’s biosphere without knowing!

Why is it a threat to your living space?

Fleas are disgusting and can cause immense distress to your pets. While flea removal Shepparton by Total Pest Control ensures your living space is free from fleas and any possible invasion, it is always important to check your pets routinely to prevent any such outbreak.

Fleas are known to bite humans. No reports have claimed yet that fleas can infest humans but their bite is often enough to trigger allergic reactions in some. Which does make dog fleas and cat fleas dangerous.

A flea can jump as much as 12-inches which makes it super easy for them to switch hosts when in close or near close contact.

Why fleas prefer pets over humans?

While you do not have to worry about flea removal Shepparton and surrounds with Total Pest Control, here’s the answer to the much-asked question…

Why my pets and not me?

Because humans lack considerable hair or fur that is important for fleas to hang onto and reproduce into. The moment the human body realises and recognises a bite, it tends to scratch it off immediately which doesn’t give enough time for a flea to feed as well as lay eggs.

But remember…

While you are safe from flea infestation, they can still bite you and trigger an allergic reaction. Please contact your nearest hospital in case you are experiencing flea bite reactions such as:

  • An overly itchy skin
  • Trouble breathing
  • Nausea
  • Any other symptom that is not usual!

What to do?

Fleas detected? Contact the flea removal Shepparton experts today!

With over four decades of experience in flea removal and flea pest control, Total Pest Control Shepparton understands what it takes to get rid of fleas from your living space. We use the latest technology to ensure no flea nest is left in your living space. We also cover Goulburn pest control needs alongside providing flagship services for pest control Wangaratta and Bendigo.

Flea removal Sheppaton services by Total Pest Control include:

  • A thorough examination of your property
  • Close inspection of hotspots (existing and potential)
  • Flea removal using eco-friendly methods and products
  • Adequate disposal of fleas
  • Pest control (complete) of your living space
  • Special attention to areas occupied by pets

Clean and hygienic living space is for everyone, including pets. While dog fleas, cat fleas and other pet fleas can be bothersome, effective flea removal Shepparton from Total Pest Control Shepparton ensure that fleas do not infest your living space for long. 

Our experts also cover Goulburn pest control needs alongside providing flagship services for pest control Wangaratta and Bendigo.


Pets are happy-go-lucky and being a pet owner (paw-rent as the internet calls them) it becomes your responsibility to ensure that they are not under a flea attack!

Top 4 Check-ups Every Pet Owner Should Do!

 How to check your pets for fleas!

  • Inspect their fur and skin from time to time. This has double benefits, you can identify a flea infestation way before a population explosion, two, your pet’s health is often reflected in their quality of fur and skin
  • Use products that thoroughly clean your pet’s fur. Deep cleaning greatly decreases the chances for flea infestation since the flea needs some time to settle, feed and reproduce
  • Comb their fur. Take out the excess fur. Not only it makes your pet feel lighter, fresh and adorable but it further decreases chances for fleas to settle down
  • Clean their area. Fleas are known to attach themselves to areas that can help them find a host. Daily cleaning and maintenance of your pet’s living space ensure no fleas are in hiding

If your pet is not their usual self and is spending a lot of time scratching themselves while being completely restless, CONSULT A VET ASAP! Chances are, they have been infested by flea and need immediate medical attention.

Expert and total pest control Shepparton (Flea Removal Shepparton) is one call away!

We also offer flagship Goulburn pest control and pest control Bendigo and Wangaratta