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Guide To Effective Termite Control At Home

Pest control services in Shepparton

September 19, 2020

By Total Pest Control: Experts in Termite Control Shepparton

Termites are one of the most destructive pests that one can have in their household. 

Notorious for causing heaps of damage amounting to billions of dollars each year, termites are undoubtedly a huge pain to deal with. Unfortunately, such financial losses aren’t covered by homeowners’ insurance policies. 

Why is Termite Treatment Shepparton so Important?

The USP of termites is their inherent nature of savagely chewing their way through the wood, most particularly furniture, flooring, and staircases. Left unnoticed, termites can destroy every single wooden structure and parts of your home mercilessly.

Get this…

If your home is paying homage to a termite infestation, you are in for a pest that comes with an insatiable hunger for wood. 

Armed with saw-toothed jaws and a constant act of cutting through wood, the damage termites can do to your home are beyond imaginable. 

So if you’re looking to lead a peaceful and pest-free life, termites should undoubtedly be a major concern for you. 

The good news?

You can eliminate termite infestations from your home once and for all with the aid of a professional pest control company in Shepparton. 

This is where Total Pest Control comes into the picture…

Total Pest Control Shepparton is a premier pest control company based in Shepparton that comes with 40 years of experience in successfully handling pest infestations and exercising super-effective pest control and treatment in Shepparton, other parts of VIC, and Southern NSW. 

We have dealt with all types and magnitudes of pest infestations, and have a tremendously impressive track record of aiding homes in eliminating pests for good. Our perfect combination of experience and expertise has helped us cement ourselves as the go-to pest control company near you.

Therefore, professional pest control and treatment expert like Total Pest Control Shepparton can address your termite infestation woes and get rid of them effectively. 

Some Surefire Signs of Termite Infestation from the Best Shepparton Pest Control Company

The problem with a termite infestation doesn’t just lay with the destructive nature of termites per se. The real challenging part is the detection of these pests in the first place.

For you, it is almost impossible to detect the same until you are posted with the shocking damages that termites are capable of. 

This ‘stealth’ behavior of termites can be attributed to their habit of making themselves nice and comfortable in their homes: dark and humid parts of your home that are usually not paid much attention to. 

We’re sure you are able to gauge how termites can lay undetected right under your nose at this moment!

But wait!

Before you go sprinting around your house with a mission to uncover hidden termite infestations and adopt your DIY methods for pest control through termite treatment, hang on…

The good news is that by carefully monitoring and inspecting your household, you can sure-fire detect some signs of a possible termite inspection. 

As such, we at Total Pest Control Shepparton (who also has an amazing track record in flea control Shepparton, rodents pest control Shepparton, spider control, etc) have made this write-up which would serve as a reliable guide to you for making sure that you’re looking for the right termite infestation signs. 

With that being said, here are some common signs of termite infestation in your household:

  • Cracked or patches of broken paint layers on the walls
  • Blisters in wood flooring
  • Discoloration or drooping of drywall
  • Presence of termite droppings in different parts of the house
  • Wooden structures that sound hollow
  • Small holes in the drywall
  • Clicking sounds coming from wooden structures
  • Doors and windows that are suddenly tight and hard to open
  • Scattered discarded wings 
  • Tunnels in wood
  • Honeycomb or maze-like patterns in wooden structures

If you come across any of these signs, chances are rife that your home is also home to heaps of termites. 

Termite Control Shepparton – Tips on Preventing a Termite Infestation

The following presents some ways in which you can do your bit in evading termite infestations at your home:

Get rid of moisture accumulation zones in your home

  • Check for any leaking taps, water pipes, and air-conditioning units
  • Keep your sinks clear
  • Ensure that water doesn’t end up standing on the water roof
  • Seal all entry points for pipes steering them clear of unnecessary water inflow
  • Keep the gutters clean and free from debris
  • Keep a tab on any water seepage in the walls

Eliminate all food sources for termites

  • Don’t keep any paper-based material such as cardboard boxes, old newspapers and magazines, and old books lying around
  • Keep all the dark and damp areas of your house super clean
  • Clean and maintain all wooden structures in your home regularly and efficiently

Following these tips would go a long way in ensuring that pests such as termites stay away from your home. 

However, if your home is already paying host to a termite infestation, then it is strongly advised to not go for DIY termite treatment techniques. 

In our experience, we have seen people causing further damage to their property or rake up the pest infestation through their DIY pest control methods. 

This is why Total Pest Control offers highly efficient and affordable pest control services in Shepparton, VIC, and Southern NSW. 

Our pest control inspector would get to the fore or your termite infestation and craft a foolproof way to get rid of the termites. 

We also make it a point to make sure that termites format invade your home again. We are the ultimate solution to all our pest problems and our proven body of work justifies the same. 

With an unmatched combination of experience and expertise in providing the best pest control and treatment Shepparton has to offer, Total Pest Control Shepparton is unanimously the way 

 to get rid of any pests that have made their unwelcome invasion in your home. 

Using safe and eco-friendly chemicals that pose no harm to anyone in your home and cause minimal disruption, we effectively eliminate pests from your home once and for all.

Safe. Efficient. Affordable. Effective. Contact Total Pest Control Shepparton Today!