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Top 3 Types Of Termite Treatment Shepparton – A Total Pest Management Guide on Termites

Termite Treatment Shepparton

April 8, 2021

What is termite treatment Shepparton?

Termites are a common problem in households. They are responsible for causing hefty damage to living spaces and can cause unimaginable losses. In case you suspect the presence of termites in your living space (keep reading to know-how), it is wise to invest in pest control services at the earliest possibility. Total pest management using home remedies does seem easy and cheap but such termite treatment Shepparton do not last long.

What’s the best step when you have found termite infestation in your home?

Get in touch with professionals and a total pest management company. Total Pest Control Shepparton is a leading termite treatment Shepparton with services extending to pest control Wangaratta and Bendigo. 

Our pest control Wangaratta experts examine your property (residential as well as commercial) and recommend a course of action for highly functional total pest management.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Termites are known to hide in the best possible way. Their presence goes undetected unless damage to the property starts to show up. 

While they are nearly invisible, no crime is a perfect crime and here’s how you can detect the presence of termites in your living space: 

Discarded wings: Don’t notice flies or insects buzzing around your living space but still end up finding discarded wings

Paint patches that fall on touch: Termites introduce moisture in walls which loosens the affinity between paint and wall

Faeces: Yes, if you find pest poop out of nowhere in your living space, chances are it can be termite infestation or any other pest infestation striking 

Wood that rings hollow: Wood is a dense material so if your woods are ringing hollow, chances are something (termites) ate up the dense part and now there’s nothing much left on the wood

Mud tubes: The most common sight of a visible termite infestation is mud tubes. These are vertical tunnels built with soil and oftentimes wood. These tubes are a highway for termites to move

Top 3 Types Of Termite Treatment Shepparton

Termites are notorious for being able to hide in your living space before any damage becomes evident. Usually treated for the root, termite treatment Shepparton can be categorised in three standard methods. These are:

Soil termite treatment Shepparton: Certain types of termites live in the soil (also known as subterranean termites). In such cases of termite infestation, the soil is termite treated to eradicate colonies. 

What’s the soil termite treatment Shepparton process like:  Upon identification of the problem area, a trench is dug surrounding the foundation area. The soil is then treated using termiticide. Once the process has been completed, the trench is refilled. 

Benefits of the soil termite treatment Shepparton: Completely eradicate termite infestation since subterranean termites have the tendency to return to their nest (in the soil) killing them entirely. 

Wood Termite Treatment Shepparton: Wood is amongst the most favourite materials that are attacked by termites. Upon detection, our team of pest control Wangaratta professionals will resort to using different types of wood treatment methods to eradicate termite nests. 

What’s the wood termite treatment Shepparton process like: Unlike soil termite treatment, the wood termite treatment Shepparton consists of using surface sprays, Borate treating the wood and injecting sprays or foams to kill termite infestation. Our team of pest control Wangaratta experts may resort to using Borate wood treatment methods that not only prevent termite infestation but also prevent resurgence. 

The wood termite treatment Shepparton primarily includes surface applications when the living space is being built (a common pre-purchase practice).

Moreover, many homeowners prefer having their property undergo a thorough examination to ensure that they are getting the best prices and no threats to the living space exist. 

Bait Termite Treatment Shepparton: Popular for being efficient in the elimination of termite colonies quicker by diverting the nest to a location where the termination process is to take place.

How the Bait Termite Treatment Shepparton works: Our pest control Bendigo experts will install bait systems throughout the living space’s boundary. These stations are then examined to determine the behaviour and rate of infestation at regular intervals of time.  

As soon as a station is overtaken by pest infestation, our team of experts will remove the decoy and replace it with a new bait system to protect your home from any future termite attacks.

What can be the ideal Termite Treatment Shepparton for active termite infestation?

While the course of termite infestation depends on three factors:

  • Degree of termite infestation
  • Whether if the property has undergone any termite treatment Shepparton in past (if yes, how long ago it has been since the treatment)
  • Type of termite causing the infestation

Termites are highly mobile organisms that can sweep past small spaces and create nests out of such spaces. In order to have lasting and effective termite treatment Shepparton done, it is highly recommended to call pest control services at Total Pest Control.

Understand that total pest management is needed to ensure that your property is safeguarded against all types of termite infestation. To determine this, our pest control Bendigo, Wangaratta and Shepparton experts will conduct a thorough examination of the property to determine the type of termite infestation and the extent of it. 

How the Type of Termite Infestation Affects the Plan of Termite Treatment Shepparton? 

  • Subterranean Termites: Such types of termites call for thorough termite termination. These termites are known to survive off moisture from the soil
  • Drywood Termites: Known for their excellent ability to hide and cause damage, this type of termite can be eradicated using bait termite treatment Shepparton methods. Our team of pest control experts identify areas that have incurred damage and show visible signs of damage that’s signature of the dry wood termites
  • Other types of termites: Australia has a wide range of termites that can infest your living space at any given point in time and while they silently damage your property, it is essential to conduct pest control inspection at least once a year to ensure that your property is safe and secure from any type of termite infestation

What are the Types of Termite Killers Used Usually?

Liquid termiticides are the most common type of termite killer. They are either applied to the surface directly, poured into trench drills or even used in bait termite treatment Shepparton systems. 

Liquid barriers: These termite killers are often applied directly on the surface of the affected area and left to act. Made with ingredients that make this termiticide ‘invisible’ and the termites end up carrying fragments of the poison back into their nest. Its quick-acting formula terminates the entire colony in a few hours

Baits as termiticide: Such baits are filled with poison and are placed in an organised manner (after having identified potential spots for termite infestation). Termites get attracted to the bait used and end up ingesting the poison. The poison is then carried by the termite to the colony and thus causing mass eradication due to spreading

Direct forms of liquid termite treatment: Also known as a spot treatment, our team of total pest management will drill strategic holes in the wood and inject termiticide foam. Otherwise, they will directly apply a layer of the termiticide foam on the existing cracks. The poison from the termiticide foam is carried by the termites back to the colony, causing mass eradication by virtue of transmission of poison

Ingredients In a Termiticide

  • Bifenthrin: Derived naturally and this ingredient is known to paralyse the nervous system of the termites, eventually leading to their death
  • Fipronil: This ingredient attacks the central nervous system of the pest and causes paralysis and confusion eventually causing the termite to die
  • Hexaflumuron: Queen of a termite colony is responsible for keeping the population alive. This chemical ingredient acts as a growth regulator which blocks termite from growing a new exoskeleton
  • Imidacloprid: Acts as a paralysing agent, the ingredient has the same effect as nicotine has on the human body, only much stronger in the case of termites

NOTE: If by any chance you or anyone in your family (including infant and kids) have ingested termiticide, IMMEDIATELY get MEDICAL ATTENTION. Do not attempt home remedies.

Here’s What You Need to Consider When Choosing a Termiticide

The type of termiticide you select for the termite treatment Shepparton process has an impact on how effective the process will be and how long your living space will be safe from termite attacks. 

While termite infestations are treatable, the type of termiticide being used plays a role in the extent of eradication. The termite colonies are greatly influenced by the Queen and thus, it is important to have the Queen termite dead to ensure zero resurgences.

Here’s What You Should Take into Consideration When Selecting a Termiticide:

  • What type of termiticide you want
  • Whether if the termiticide is for indoor use or for outdoor use
  • The extent of termite infestation
  • Budget allocation for the termite treatment Shepparton
  • If you want to target multiple pest infestations at once
  • Degree of ease of use (whether if you can do it yourself or need experts to take over)
  • Duration for the termiticide to start acting
  • Strength of the termiticide being used for extermination
  • Safety and environmental friendliness of the products
  • Whether if the use of the termiticide can cause damage to your property

Termites can be dangerous. Not that they cause harm to humans, but rather because they can cause unimaginable damage to property.

While home remedies may seem promising and might even save some extra dollars for you, the truth is, home remedies can never replace termite treatment Shepparton.

Total Pest Control Shepparton is a leading pest control Wangaratta, Bendigo, and Shepparton expert that has been offering flagship total pest management services for decades now. Be it regular pest control check-up or pre-purchase inspection, we got you covered.

Choose safety, choose Total Pest Control Shepparton for all your termite treatment Shepparton needs!