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Your Guide To Ant Control Service Shepparton

Pest control services in Shepparton

September 8, 2020

Covering Pest Control Shepparton And Pest Control Goulburn Needs!

It won’t be wrong to say that ants are a major part of Australia and they are omnipresent. What makes them so dreadful is the fact that they do not come in a group of few hundreds, rather they have a colony that infests a location with food, space, and water sources. An ant infestation is recognised as a nuisance and worry causing pest situation wherein, the infestation can be at your garage or garden and it can spread to your kitchen and pantry destroying food and continuously growing in numbers.

While you can take measures for ant pest control, the need to completely eradicate the ant colony from the roots professionally is vital. Total Pest Control offers professional and highly effective ant control service Shepparton can bank on. We have been servicing in Shepparton for nearly four decades and are aware of pest problems and issues. Our team of experienced professionals provides highly customized and convenient ant control service Shepparton can vouch for. Our services aren’t limited to just pest control Shepparton, we also offer pest control Goulburn services that are exclusive, effective, and lasting. 

Understanding Ant Colony: Structure And Functioning

The sight of ants crawling around is no surprise. You might have seen them on the sideway, on the walls, or maybe inside your home making way to their destination (which is often a place with food, water, and conditions that supports their lifecycle. Ever wondered what a group of ants is known as? Their community is known as an ant colony. Ants are very social and are thus often found in groups. The ways an ant colony operates may surprise you (they have a hierarchy system of their own!).

Ants have nests that in the wild are usually underground or even on a cluster of leaves. In an urban setting with buildings and human occupancy, ants weave their nests in places that have food, water, and conditions that support their lifecycle. Different species of ants require different environmental conditions to strive. The ant hierarchy consists of worker ants, the queen ant, and flying ants. They have different roles in the colony that’s crucial for their stability and security.

Think you may have ant infestation on your property? Contact your local Total Pest Control office online and book a time for our ant pest control expert to visit and inspect your property! Also providing expert and all-round spider control Shepparton and cockroach control Shepparton. 

Ants – The Pest Problem Situation

While ants seem to have an intriguing system, the nuisance caused by their infestation cannot be neglected while in awe. Different species of ants carry the potential to cause unimaginable damage to property and even pose health risks.

Ant infestations can cause:

  • Ant species like the carpenter ants can cause serious damage to your property, other species like the fire ants pose grave health risks to residents of the living space. Notorious for contaminating food, odorous house ants can ruin food stocks in storage
  • Wherever ants go, they leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow. Chances are, a group of bats might have already invited a whole colony of ants even before you realise it
  • Ant colonies form a network in nearby areas and call for ant control service Shepparton that completely eradicates and takes steps to prevent any resurgence
  • Depending on species of ant, the Queen ant can lay up to 800 eggs in a day which rapidly hatch and contribute towards increasing colony population
  • Attract other insects that may feast on ant colonies putting your safety and health in jeopardy

Ant infestations can cause inconvenience and nuisance beyond the imaginable and it’s always advised to get your living space professionally inspected by ant control service Shepparton providers to detect colonies and take careful measures to eradicate them. 

Total Pest Control – Offering Exclusive Ant Control Service Shepparton

At Total Pest Control, we understand the inconveniences and frustrations caused by ant infestations. We take careful measures while inspecting your property for ant colonies. While doing so, we also ensure to check for other pest infestations like spiders, cockroaches, rodents, and termites. I’m case found, we may also offer pest control services for a pest-free living. With nearly four decades of experience, we understand pest behavior in Shepparton thoroughly and have designed out pest control Shepparton services to ensure that your living space is deeply inspected and terminated of pests.

We believe in:

  • Inspecting your property for ant infestations along with spider, rodent, cockroach, and termite infestation
  • Thoroughly analyze your property to determine hideouts and nests
  • Analyze the degree of damage caused by pest infestations
  • Craft an exclusive pest control Shepparton plan
  • Execute the ant control service Shepparton plan
  • Target hideouts and nests briefly
  • Clean after your property has been freed from ant or any other pest infestations

Our ant control service Shepparton experts use:

  • Advanced and safe pest control formula
  • Craft a pest removal or pest control Shepparton plan based on your property and degree of infestation
  • Use safe and environment-friendly products

Think you may have ant infestation on your property? Contact your local Total Pest Control office online and book a time for our ant pest control expert to visit and inspect your property! Also providing expert and all-round spider control Shepparton and cockroach control Shepparton


While pest infestations may send chills down your spine, they are very manageable with professional pest control Shepparton services. At-home remedies temporarily work and chances are, the next time pests return their entry point might be different. With their ability to stay hidden until visible damage is noticeable is a threat, you wouldn’t want to risk the health and wellbeing of your family members by not taking safe, proven, and necessary actions. At Total Pest Control Shepparton, we understand your concerns and are well-equipped to handle any pest situation. We are a team of professionals committed to making your living pest-free!

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