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63 Rodent Facts You Should Know – Coming Straight from rodent removal Shepparton Experts

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May 6, 2021

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Total Pest Control Unravels Top 63 Facts About Rodents That Will Make You Want to Get rid of Rodents Right away!

Rodents are filthy and bundles of disgust. Not only do they eat up produce but they can cause serious damage to property as well. They eat through electrical wires and can pose a risk of electrical short-circuit and even fire.

While many residents do not realise, professional rodent removal Shepparton can effectively safeguard your living space via the practice of tactful total pest management.

63 Facts About Rodents That Call for Immediate Rodent Removal Shepparton!

  1. Rat catching was actually a profession once! Rat control (if not rodent removal) was necessary to control the spread of diseases
  2. In countries like Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and certain parts of the Philippines, Indonesia, Ghana and China, rat meat is a popular culinary option many locals (and even tourists) dive into
  3. Rats have an incredible sense of smell and they can sense it even if they are kilometres away
  4. Rats belong to the mammal class and are often called rodents 
  5. They belong to the biological scientific order known as Rodentia
  6. Rats have been the cause of Lassa fever, bubonic plague and leptospirosis. Diseases responsible for wiping a significant amount of the world’s population
  7. The most indigenous rat species in Australia is the Bush Rat
  8. Pixar made a movie (Ratatouille) with a rat playing an important character in it
  9. Rats are part of pop culture. Some popular characters include Remy from Ratatouille, Stuart Little and Chuck E. Cheese
  10. Rats reproduce in matters of months!rodent removal Shepparton
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  12. Over 25,000 black rats have made the Karni Mata Temple in India their home 
  13. The female rate can heat as early as 12-24 hours after giving birth
  14. This is called postpartum estrus and is only seen in some female rats
  15. Rats can live in your house unnoticed for months. Pest control Bendigo is important to ensure that you don’t have rat nests in hiding
  16. Happy rats produce the same sound as laughter when they are happy
  17. Rat teeth are really strong and they can eat through wire, clothes, plastic, aluminium and even glass!
  18. Rats can restart their heart even after an episode of electric shock
  19. Rats do not sweat
  20. The rattus norvegicus domestica is the domesticated rat
  21. The domesticated rat is a distant cousin of the Norway rat
  22. It is observed that rats often eat their own droppings since it is full of nutrition. Spot droppings but no pets? Chances are rats are hiding! Contact Total Pest Control today for professional rodent removal Shepparton!
  23. Rats are versatile. They can live and adapt to any type of environmental condition
  24. Some variety of rats can swim
  25. Rats can adjust their diet based on the environment they are in
  26. Mischief is what you call a group of rats (Total Pest Control offers flagship Mischief Managed services!)
  27. Jack Black has been loosely given due credit for domesticating rats
  28. He is the first person to have introduced fancy rats
  29. Rats experience tickles too
  30. Rats were once used as a torture method. Don’t take the trouble! Thinking rodent removal Shepparton? Call Total Pest Control today!
  31. Rats communicate through the transmission of ultrasound frequencies that cannot be picked by human ears
  32. Fruits and vegetables make up an ideal meal for rats
  33. Rats are intelligent species
  34. Rat teeth never stop growing and that’s why they have to keep chewing and biting to prevent the teething from hurting
  35. Annually, rat teeth grow by 4 to 5.5 inches
  36. A rat tail has three main functions: maintain body temperature, balance while they run or jump and to help with better communication
  37. A rat body lacks tonsils or a gallbladder
  38. Baby rats have white teeth
  39. The tail of a rat regulates body temperature by virtue of expanding or shrinking blood vessels in the tail
  40. A rat’s teeth enamel is said to be stronger than steel
  41. Rats do not die even after falling from great heights
  42. A rat’s age maturity can be determined by its yellow teeth
  43. Rats have a well-defined social structure
  44. A Mischief has leaders, assistant leaders and even rebels!
  45. Rats are clean pests. They bathe themselves at least thrice a day!
  46. Mice are known to be curious and they often investigate things that seem new to their curiosity
  47. The African Gambian Pouched Rat can grow as much as 7kgs!
  48. The United States has its own breed of rats called the Pack Rat
  49. Rats can make a long jump of 2ft from a standing position
  50. They can start running despite the jump
  51. Rats can climb through walls absolutely hassle-free
  52. Rats can be taught tricks
  53. The rat community is closely weaved and they tend to be caring and nourishing in nature
  54. Black and brown coloured rats evolved from their ancestors
  55. Rats experience emotions of regret
  56. A female rat has the ability to mate more than 400 times in a time span of 7 hours
  57. Rats are invasive species
  58. They can feed on small bird eggs
  59. Rats get emotional and they feel regret as well
  60. There were once sightings of cat-sized rodents in Iran
  61. Rats may grind their teeth to reduce stress and to feel more relaxed
  62. Rats have food preferences. Don’t let your living space suffer! Get expert rodent removal Shepparton today!
  63. Rats need companionship and they keep long-lasting relationships

Rodents have been the subject of curiosity for decades now and while we know a lot about them, the fact that rodents are responsible for population wiping, rodent removal Shepparton is crucial for a healthy environment.

While homeowners and commercial space owners may take necessary steps to prevent rodents from entering spaces, rodents have the tendency to squeeze through small spaces and infest. Rats reproduce within a matter of weeks and they always reside in areas that have abundant food and water supply.

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