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Looking to buy your first home or an investment property? Don’t make the mistake thousands of Australian property buyers make each year and fail to get a pest inspection BEFORE you sign.

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Inspect Before You Invest

Purchasing a property is a big decision. There’s a lot of money and time involved in finding a great property, and when you find your dream home the last thing you want to do is muck about with more paperwork.

However as properties require such a large investment, of both your time, emotions and of course money, it pays to get it done right so there are no unpleasant ‘surprises’ down the road.

Getting a pre-purchase inspection done with one of our team will identify any signs of termite damage as well as other factors that may cause problems down the road.

What’s Involved In a Pre-Purchase Inspection?


A quality pest inspection involves a detailed and careful visual examination of the property. A trained and experienced pest inspector will be looking for signs of past pest activity (such as termites) as well as potential future problem areas, such as mould, fungi and wood decay.

We use tools such as:

  • Thermal imaging cameras: Useful for locating termites and nest activity
  • Moisture Meters: Useful for examining moisture levels in wood and surrounding materials
  • Boroscopes: Useful for finding ants and assessing activity.

Despite all the tools, we’ve found that experience is the best defence for ensuring a pest free home.


What will my Pre-Purchase Inspection report include? 

Your report will include a detailed analysis of the property and any information on past or current pest activity.

It will also detail any structural damage from pests, and any construction faults (such as drainage) likely to result in future pest problems.

On top of this we will include recommendations on how to best treat the area to ensure a pest free property.

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