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Flea Control

Flea Control and Removal Shepparton

Total Pest Control Shepparton formulates the most effective pest control services in and around Victoria and southern New South
Wales to completely eliminate fleas from your pets and home alike. Our advanced pest control services can cater to any seasonal pest infestation and give you 100% protection throughout the year

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Fleas are small in size but their impact can be huge and devastating!

Fleas are tiny insects that make themselves at home on your pet's body. These pests need to feed blood from pets in order to reproduce and survive. They are pretty comfortable in any fibrous or furry surface and as such, are found in places that pets usually tend to spend more time. Accordingly, they make life horrendous for your pets.

Some flea facts that you absolutely need to know:

● Fleas are classified as ectoparasites. This means that they live on your pet’s body and feed on the blood or your pets for survival
● They are excellent jumpers and can jump up on your let from the ground level
● A single female flea can lay up to 18 eggs per day. The presence of a multitude of fleas on your pet can lead to them laying literally thousands of eggs in just the matter of a week
● Your pets tend to pick up fleas from the exterior of your house
● Fleas can cause a lot of skin irritation to your pets and affect their daily lives

You and your home require the best pest control in town!


Pests can be vicious. But we aren’t behind.
Total Pest Control Shepparton completely justifies its namesake. With more than 30 years of experience in eliminating pests from houses in Victoria, southern New South Wales and everywhere in between, we truly offer TOTAL pest control services that is more than just effective.

Pests come in many varieties. Which is why Total Pest Control Shepparton offers unparalleled protection against any kind of pest. Our pest control plan spares no expense in wiping out pests from your home once and for all. We can bet that our pest control services will make pests have second thoughts about ever invading your home again!

We provide effective and future-proof pest control services that make your living space free from any pest infestations in the long term.

Avail Specialised Flea Treatment For House Shepparton In Your Budget And Schedule

Fleas can wreak havoc if left unnoticed and untreated. While fleas not only attack your personal belongings, they also actively attack and affect pets in the house. While many flea treatment for home involves using harsh chemicals to destroy their habitat, chances are high that some of them may still manage to hide and resurface once your at home treatment is over. Home remedies can offer temporary solutions for flea treatment for home, the need for complete eradication stays unaltered.

At Total Pest Control Shepparton, we aim at providing complete flea treatment for house Shepparton can absolutely bank on. Our products are safe for your living space (residential and commercial). We closely inspect your living space to detect flea colonisation and once detected, we actively perform flea treatment procedures. This way, the fleas do not resurface and your living space gets complete flea treatment for home. Our specialists perform flea treatment for house Shepparton at your convenience and ensure to leave after the flea treatment for home has been accomplished successfully.

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The Total Pest Control Shepparton Fleas Formula

Australia is rich in wildlife and urban wildlife is no exception to this premise. Animals such as raccoons are fairly common in areas in and around Victoria and southern New South Wales, and they tend to interact with your pets directly or indirectly.

Total Pest Control Shepparton has dealt with numerous flea infestation cases in our tenure of three decades. We service VIC and southern NSW with a passion for eliminating pests.
It is worth noting that pets are the most common hotbed for flea infestation. As such, it is really important that you keep your pets groomed properly. This largely minimises the magnitude and even the possibility of a flea infestation.
Unlike other kinds of pest infestation, fleas control requires certain degree of participation from your end as well. It’s really simple, actually.

Here’s the overall procedure for effective fleas control:

● Remove all forms of stuff related to your pets from the floor of your house, be it toys, bed or food
● Wash your pet’s bed and any clothing thoroughly
● The entire house needs to be vacuumed completely
● Get your pet treated from fleas by a veterinarian
● Our flea control experts use the safest and most effective flea control products throughout your house, and especially those areas where your pets spend more time
● In addition to the interiors of your house, we also do the same flea treatment procedure to the exterior of your house. Again, we target those places where your pet spends a considerable amount of time

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    As little as fleas may be, they cannot escape the expertise of Total Pest Control Shepparton. Your pets will be relieved and would enjoy life all over again!

    Your pets are an important part of your family and they shouldn’t be troubled by fleas

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